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Standing around late at night
Cure disease, cure my blight.
Make sure things are alright.

Don't take a sudden turn
Don't dismiss the things you learn.
Take for granted all the things you love
Take advantage of everyone's trust.

Don't be looking around anymore
Get up off that damn floor
Move out of that rut you're in
Finally get things moving again.

Down the road, across the unknown
Lying on the floor licking your wounds
Open that window for a change
Let in some light, let in the day.

It's a new day; there are new things to see
The sun outside's so bright I couldn't believe.
Time to move, time to go, time to progress
There's no time left for you to regress.

The sun will shine, the moon will rise
Standing still doesn't mean the day won't go by.
There's not much time left to wander
But more then enough left to ponder.
Just another one of the more random things I wrote down for no real reason, just the sorta' stuff that pops in my head. Also another vauge one that doesn't really have much meaning of course, as that seems to be much of what I spit out.
KingofBoobies Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2007   Writer
Again yea I am reading everything of your old stuff finally and I have to say this one is just as good. And just to let you know I will try to leave a comment on all of your stuff just because.
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March 31, 2005
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